BARN FIND, spares and repairs

This vehicle has spent the last 20 years in Spain so it virtually has no rust barring around the fuel filler cap.

The body is fine, yet a few scratches and dents but nothing major. The roof does have a few rips in it.

The car does not drive due to a fuel pump issue, however the engine and gearbox are good. It can be heard running.

Spare headlights are sold with the vehicle.

The seats are in good order, yet the door cards do have some heat related damage.

The car mileage checks at mid 40,000 miles, however it is showing less on the clock.

This is a perfect project for a future classic or to break for spares.

Starting price at £100 with no reserve.

Item ID: 154063026809



Unit 4, Tower House Lane
HU12 8EE

Kingston upon Hull

East Yorkshire

United Kingdom

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